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21 Life Fitness Motivation Quotes With Image In English...

The Last Three Or Four Reps Is
What Makes The Muscle Grow.
This Area Of Pain Divides A Champion
From Someone Who Is Not A Champion.
-Arnold Schwarzenegger (seven-time Mr. Olympia)
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The Pain You Feel Today
Will Be
The Strength You Feel Tomorrow.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger (seven-time Mr. Olympia)
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The Successful Warrior Is The
Average Man,
With Laser-like Focus.
- Bruce Lee (actor and martial artist)
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If Something Stands Between
You And Your Success,
Move It.
Never Be Denise.
- Dwayne Johnson - (The Rock) (actor and pro wrestler)
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Success Usually Comes To
Those Who Are
Too Busy To Be Looking For It.
- Henry David Thoreau (poet and philosopher)
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All Progress Takes Place
Outside The Comfort Zone.
- Michael John Bobak (digital artist)
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If You Think Lifting Is Dangerous,
Try Being Weak.
Being Weak Is Dangerous.
- Bret Contreras (sports scientist)
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The Only Place
Where Success Comes
Before Work Is In The Dictionary.
- Vidal Sassoon (hairstylist and businessman)
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The Clock Is Ticking.
Are You Becoming
The Terson You Want To Be?
- Greg Plitt (fitness model)
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Whether You Think You Can,
Or You Think You Can’t,
You’re Right.
- Henry Ford (industrialist)
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You Must Expect
Great Things Of Yourself
Before You Can Do Them.
- Michael Jordan (basketball player)
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Action Is The
Foundational Key
To All Success.
- Pablo Picasso (visual artist)
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Things May Come To
Those Who Wait,
But Only The Things Left By
Those Who Hustle.
- Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States)
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Well Done Is
Better Than
Well Said.
- Benjamin Franklin (American Founding Father and inventor)
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All Our Dreams Can Come True
If We Have The Courage
To Pursue Them.
- Walt Disney (film producer and entrepreneur)
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A Champion Is
Someone Who Gets Up
When They Can’t.
- Jack Dempsey (professional boxer)
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What Hurts Today
Makes You Stronger
- Jay Cutler (pro bodybuilder and four times Mr. Olympia)
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If You Want Something
You’ve Never Had,
You Must Be Willing To
Do Something
You’ve Never Done.
- Thomas Jefferson (Third President of the United States)
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You Have To Think It Before
You Can Do It.
The Mind Is What Makes It
All Possible.
- Kai Greene (pro bodybuilder and artist)
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Things Work Out Best For
Those Who Make The Best Of
How Things Work Out.
- John Wooden (basketball player and coach)
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Success Is Walking From
Failure To Failure
With No Loss Of Enthusiasm.
- Winston Churchill (British statesman and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)
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